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Pirelli Corsa tomorrow? 20 degrees :/

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Would like to take the Evora to Mom's for breakfast tomorrow morning. The car looks like Christmas morning all year long!

The Rhododendron have rolled up their leaves like cigars, it will be a bit below 20 F in the morning. 30 miles, mostly interstate. High about 40 when we would return.

I'm not worried about sliding about, just whether it would damage the tires. The rears still have about 50% at 6500 miles. Would love it make 10,000
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You shouldn't have a problem as long as your not driving thru frozen precip bob. At cold temps cracking is the problem.
That's what I'm wondering, is it going to crack the compound? They are at 65 in the garage (you might be a car nut if...), it will be maybe 22 when I left and around freezing when I would get to Mom's at 10:00, maybe 40s high for the return.
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