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Hey guys, it has been about 2 months since I purchased my 2006 Exige from Platinum Motorcars out of Troy, MI (outside of Detroit).
Platinum Motorcars Pre-Owned Import Automobiles Selling Nationwide

First off, I want to say this is one of the best and most helpful dealerships I have ever done business with!

But, to reaccount my experience with them...
I ran into my gorgeous ST 2006 NA Exige on eBay and contacted Eric, one of the salesmen. Their website had numerous HD photos and I decided to purchase this car and made the trip from Iowa to Michigan without having a friend (I knew no one from Detroit) go take a look at the car. Upon arriving, I saw the car, ready for me to test drive. At first glance, the car looked to be exactly as it was described. Immaculate shape with very minor wear and tear for being 7 years old (about 26.5k miles).

I walked inside and found Eric. He tossed me the keys and let me take it for a spin and insisted my friend go with me rather than himself (keep in mind, I'm 24). We jump in and it drives great. The only thing that bothered me during the test drive was that the headliner was hanging down and touching my hair (this was never mentioned). After the test drive I do a more thorough inspection of the car and everything looks great, so I walk back in to do business.

We had agreed upon a price before I arrived, which he honored to the tee. I expressed my concerns about the headliner, and he walked out to take a look at it. After seeing the headliner hanging down, he apologized for not noticing that and immediately offered that he would pay the full amount to get it repaired at my shop of choice. Since he didn't know when the last time the oil was changed, he also paid for the first oil change at my location of choice. We did the paperwork and I drove away with the car.

The car drove phenomenally back to Iowa from Michigan (8 hours). The following weekend I drove it back to Omaha to visit family (surprise!) which was another 4 hours each way. In the first two weeks, I put nearly 1500 miles on my new Exige! Since then, I've put another ~350 miles on it. To date, I have run into zero problems, other than an AC that hates working well when it's super hot out (whatever, I'll get over that).

Due to Iowa title laws, I had a minor title issue and had to send the title back to get it reissued. Eric was very helpful and made this a quick turnaround. When I got the oil changed, I gave the shop his number and they called him and the service was immediately paid for over the phone. The guy that changed my headliner only accepted cash, so I paid for it and sent Eric a picture of my hand-written invoice. Before I knew it, I had a check from PMC for the exact amount I paid.

In short, the car was exactly as described, and where it fell short, PMC bit the bullet and went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied. Eric was always happy to help and never felt like he was irritated. I got exactly what I wanted for a very good price. I would definitely do business with PMC-Detroit again, and would recommend them to anyone.
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