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I just got added coverage for my Elise with Progressive and am paying $889/yr for full coverage on it. We replaced our 97 M3 which was like $545, so it was a $344 annual increase. Not bad at all.

We now have 4 cars on the policy (2000 911C2, 2003 Evo8, 1989 M3, and the Elise) and pay about $2200/yr for all four.

But, we've been with Progressive for years and we keep getting reductions due to our no claim history and clean driving record. Helps to be 35, married, live in the boonies, and have a spotless driving record (thanks to Defensive Driving!)....

'05 Lotus Elise (BRP, Touring, Hardtop)
'00 911 C2
'03 Evolution VIII
'89 M3
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