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All..I work for a regional hospital in the Mid Atlantic Region. My daughter is an OR, now ER nurse at a hospital in Florida.

My hospital is better off than hers. We BARELY have enough PPE's for our frontline staff. Barely. Especially the N95's.

My daughter, at her hospital in Florida, was assigned not only to the ER, but to the COVID unit. Short straw? They told her they wanted the best nurses in that unit.

They also told her they had no N95 mask for her. She'd have to wear tear offs off of a procedure/surgical mask.

This is serious business folks. I shared her predicament with my many siblings, and my sister in Phoenix, AZ said her husband had a couple new-in-package commercial N95 masks that he acquired for a past job. My sister sent them overnight to my daughter, who will have those in hand by noon tomorrow.

Why post this here? YOU gear heads very well have N95's, or even surgical masks out in your garage. Your spray booth. You may have purchased masks when you were dry walling or sanding.

If you have new masks of any kind...get them to your local hospital. Donate them.

Your paper masks will be used by non patient facing staff to free up the N95's for the most at risk care givers.

This is real. Please look in your garages, tool boxes, etc, and donate what you have.
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