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Poly Bush Insertion Tool

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Just purchased a set of the Lotus poly bushes from JAE here in California. After a couple of frustrating attempts to install them with an engineers vice I decided to go and blow some $ on a press. $180 later and the press was assembled and ready for use. Even with a press these new puppies were not going in. I remember seeing something about a insertion tool and didnt even ask how much it cost as it was a Lotus tool so figured it would equate to roughly one mortgage payment. Not to be put off by my set back I decided to make my own........I googled searched every source I could think of to get a picture of the lotus tool but no dice. Now I felt a little stupid. Too stubborn to give up I decided to make my own. It worked extremely well and cost $free.

1. Take a piece of 1.5" copper pipe (DWV). Any hardware store should sell it by the foot. You only need 3.5"
2. Take a bottle of beer or similar and beat the copper onto the neck of the bottle to flare one end. You would think the bottle would break but it doesnt. Glass is quite strong in compression. If it breaks, empty a new bottle :crazyeyes and continue until the flare is wide enough to fit the bush.
3. Lube up the bushings and start pressing them in.

Good Luck with it.

Sorry about the oversized pictures.


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Stunning work.
Anything that involves drinking a beer and using the bottle to get the job done has to be good. Way to think outside the box! :clap: :up:
I would hope that for fun's sake many bottles broke:crazyeyes Seriously, though, I love the concept of thinking out of the "bottle", sorry, I mean "box".
Cool. Another trick is to use a small engine piston ring compressor to squeeze the bushings slightly, then pop 'em in with a punch and 3 lb. hammer.

I just LOLed at the name of the thread.

Poly Bush Insertion Tool >= Shrouded Mushroom Header

Something's not right - they should not be that hard to insert - especially poly bushings (rubber originals can be tougher).

I got the poly bushings from PUK and used never-seize as a lube. I used a Harbor Freight 12 ton press or a vise - which ever was easier. Also it's very important to press with the right diameter metal disc. If you press only on the bushing center you will mushroom out the edges. That is what I suspect is happening in this case. I bought a set of seal/bushing pressing discs for this purpose but generally you can use a socket most of time. It really needs, however, to be damn near the perfect match, diameter-wise, of the bush for the press to go in smoothly. If it doesn't match then the harder you press the more it mushrooms and therefore you will enter into a self-defeating situation - more press, more mushroom, more resistance.

Tom Mieczkowski
89 Turbo Esprit
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