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Have you had to sell your Elise or postpone its purchase due to the economic situation? Get 95% of the fun and performance for a fraction of the cost. Mid engined, light weight, and rear wheel drive!

Year: 2000
Model: MR-Spyder
Miles: 91,000

Those familiar with the Texas autocross scene have probably seen this car at recent events and know it is fast and handles great. You can look up my results to verify on the website.

The car has never been wrecked, aligns perfectly, and burns no oil. I am the 2nd owner and have done a dozen or so autocrosses on sticky street tires but never any track days.

The car is partially gutted, but still completely street legal and registered as such. The handling is excellent, the weight is very low (close to 2000 pounds), and power slightly higher than stock. The car is raw and loud but a blast to drive. If you are looking for an autocross car or track day car, this is perfect. As a daily driver it can work, but isn't for everyone.

2000 MR2, 90,000 miles

PPE long tube header with hi flow cat
PPE intake
Che center exit catback (stock catback can be provided if desired)
motor mount inserts
rear suspension braces (similar to Ches) and 3.0racing rear lower crossover brace (these braces tie all of the rear control arm mounts together, and to the frame of the car)
3.0racing breastplate (reinforces the floorplan to resist twist)
3.0 racing front member brace (upgrades the stock braces with a fully triangulated one)
Carbing lightweight aluminum front and rear strut tower braces. (beautiful!)
urethane bushings all around (a huge pain in the ass to install! save yourself the trouble!)
upgraded swaybar endlinks
Tein coilovers (~6k miles on them)
lightweight, wider wheels
dunlop dizerra star spec tires
Carbon Fiber hardtop with scratch resistant lexan rear window and factory latches all around (HUGE pain in the ass to obtain and set up, I've done the work for you!)
lightweight battery
The carbon fiber hood pictured is no longer with the car, the stock hood is back on.

Weight Reduction:
Power Steering Removed (still have it so it could be put back on)
Stereo Removed (still have these parts as well)
Front spare bucket and plastics removed (still have this as well)
Washer reservoir/motor removed
Soft Top removed, and all the stuff in the back removed (doors, etc. still have most of these parts but not the softtop)
airbags removed (still have these)
heat shielding in the engine bay removed
plastic under cladding removed.

1. rear bumper scratched up badly from a bike rack. It could be repainted or replaced/repainted. New bumpers are just $194 from

Price: $7,000 OBO

[email protected]

More pictures:
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