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When I was there a couple of weeks ago, I saw a couple hundred newly completed Elises and Exiges parked outside the factory.

I got a quick look inside the Lotus Sport garage and saw them working on several interesting cars. There were some interesting racing Elises, etc. parked outside.

I suggest you contact Gary Hagen at Lotus USA (just call the main number and they will put you into his voicemail), who is the west coast rep. He offered to arrange a factory tour for me when I talked to him in August. Maybe, maybe, you could get a tour on a day other than Wednesday.

Besides Lisa & Annette, I have corresponding a lot with Pete Sixsmith, who is in charge of the full-day Lotus driving experience program. He works with Annette & Lisa, and probably doesn't represent a "different" enough person to work with.

My suggestion: delay your trip, if possible. If you can't delay your trip and you can't arrange a special tour, then I suggest you skip it.
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