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Possible trip to Hethel?

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Hi All,
It looks like I will have the opportunity for a trip to Hethel on a Monday in February, as part of a layover on a vacation trip elsewhere.
Unfortunately it appears that factory tours are only on Wednesdays and the driving school season doesn't begin until March.
My questions are:
  • Is a one day trip to Hethel worthwhile, under these circumstances?
  • Are there any Lotus related activities to do (given no tour and no driving school)?
  • Is there anyone I should contact in the UK (other than Lisa and Annette) for additional info?
  • Does the factory have a plethora of elises of varying colours available for view? e.g. OEW?
Any info is appreciated,
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Thanks chococar!

I have been slowly coming to the same conclusion, so I am really hoping I can talk my brother into postponing our trip to March and talk my wife into pushing the trip an extra 4-5 days.
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