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Ok, so I've read about the AC Relay issue causing intermittent power loss when the AC is on. I followed the actual service bulletin and it appears to be exactly what my car is doing. Basically, there's a arc that causes the ECU to quickly ref lash thus having power 'drop' for a quick second. The solution is to replace the AC relay (its a few threads on the forum).

I'm experiencing this exact problem - highway driving in 4th or 5th with AC on. Power drops. Certainly scary, but doesn't last long. Drove to lower gear, keep going.

I want to fix it...but. My car isn't an '06 (the service bulletin), but rather a 2008 SC. Any other SC owners experience this? Seems as though the relay is the issue, but not sure and don't want to spend $150 on a part and not have it be the fix.

Chime in.
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