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Let's just start with the basics. I have a small handful of tools, but by NO MEANS do I consider myself knowledgeable when it comes to mechanics. I depend heavily on the internet and mainly this amazing website with all of it's contributors. Today is my chance to Pay-It-Forward, and post what I have gone through, in hopes to making the next Lotus Owner's ordeal a bit easier.

The problem started with my passenger side window not going down. When I press the power window button, nothing. Not a grunt, not a sound. When I pressed the up button, I could hear the window motor attempt to raise the window, so I had a feeling that the motor was fine.

time to troubleshoot.

1. grab a 3mm bit

2. remove the 4 mini-bolts along the top edge of the inner door panel

3. grab a a PoziDrive2 bit,
but if you don't have one, a phillips screwdriver bit (or stubby screwdriver) will work fine.

4. on the front lower corner, where your inner door panel handle is located,
there is a small plastic (gentle now) screw

that needs to be removed,
along with it's counterpart that the screw is inserted into (I have no idea what you want to call it).
just pull the "counterpart" out, no twisting or screwing required

5. with the 4 mini-bolts (3 mm) and 1 plastic Pozidrive head screw removed,
gently pull the middle bottom of the door panel away from the door,
detaching it from the TWO pieces of velcro

NOTE: The picture below only displays where the velcro is - you will not be at this step YET.

6. with the panel loosened from the velcro at the bottom and not attached by the bolts at the top
slide the panel from front to back, sliding the panel off the plastic clip displayed below.


With the inner door panel now off the door itself, it was time to diagnose why my passenger side window would not lower.
Using a flat head screwdriver, I gently removed the switch from the panel itself and plugged it directly into the receiving plug still on the door. FAIL.
I repeated the above steps on the driver's side and removed that door panel to gain access to the driver's side switch.
I took the driver's side door power window switch, plugged it into the passenger side and it powered the window - both up and down.
Just to confirm the passenger side switch was the original problem, I plugged IT into the driver's side and it failed to lower the window over there now.

SO! No matter which door the passenger side power window switch was plugged into, it would not lower the window.
Confirmation that the switch is/was bad.

Time to call the dealership for a replacement Power Window Switch for my 2006 Lotus Elise.

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Nice work Ernest, well done. :)

Nice job on the trouble shooting as well. :D If you have the desire should look into taking the switch apart...VWs were notorious for making bad switches. I took a few apart and found that in general they were just really dirty. :)

$6 can of electrical cleaner and I was on my way again. My 2 cent contribution to your pay it forward...if it works. ;)

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I just did this as well... :) Except I knew my passenger switch went bad because the "down" direction didn't click. Rolled the window down, then later up one day, the next morning down didn't work. I took the switch apart, and there's 2 thin flexible 'beams' that are part of each switch circuit, in my case one side had snapped. I removed the piece and soldered thin wire on the top and bottom of the broken (and almost broken) 'beams' and the switch now works but as the thin beams are part of the 'click' mechanism, I've lost that feature. (the click)

After removing the door panel the first time, I realized if I just removed the top screws I could carefully hold the panel back far enough to reach down and push in the clips that hold the switch in, then pull the switch (and plug/harness) out of the switch hole far enough to replace it..

I've had the switch in my shopping cart at for a week now (P/N A117M6064F), but debating whether I want to spend the $34 + shipping at the moment.. Bought a house and every dollar is needed at the moment. LOL

My question is why does the PASSENGER one break first??? In my case the driver's one gets way more use...

BTW I wish my door plastic looked like yours!! Someone has duct taped the crap out of it on both sides... Looks terrible, probably doesn't function either.
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