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yeah, I understand...

i got two sets of tires with the kart when I bought it. one set clearly didn't have much wear, the others were new in wrappers with stickers. i factored the cost of these tires into the deal...wound up being a mistake.

the used tires were absolutely worthless, no grip no matter how hot they got. dozens of spins later I gave up on them. the new tires were "medium-hard compound" which is supposed to last a long time and be good for practicing. they decided to shred and peel off big hunks of tread almost to cord the first time they got used. :(

good, new tires are probably the best present you can give yourself. falken azenis are about the best deal going, lots of stick and really cheap. if they make a size that will go on your car, it's worth it.

best, la
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