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Pre-Delivery Checklist!

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Ok, I compiled all of the excellent suggestions re what to check when picking up your car. Owners, help us make sure this is complete. Thanks!


Check Paint work

Check Glass

Check the wheels for scratches

Check Starshield install

Check Headlight alignment

Make certain that your steering wheel is dead center when the wheels are straight


Make certain it can pickup both AM and FM

Blaupunkt box with the manual, wire removal tools, extra not used wiring harness. Waranty cards and a little black box to put the radio faceplate in and the microphone to adjust the sound for the radio All in the box.


Check battery cables - make sure secure

Make sure the gas gauge is working properly

Make sure it has:

Little tool holder with velcro containing one towing eye

Two allen wrenches

Locking lug adapter

Lug spline key

Owners manual

Soft top and Bag

Paper from alarm company.

Two keys +AND two fobs

folded paper card with manual alarm codes (should you lose your fob).

Duplicate key blank and a little black barcode type plastic thing that you would need to use if you want to have extra keys made.
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Also, if you have the soft top, make sure it's installed correctly with the arrows pointed forward.
My checklist:

- Get in car

- drive away

- realize halfway back to DC that there's something terribly wrong!

Things you should know before you leave.

1. How to open the boot lid. Where the rod goes. How not to lift it so high as to hit the clam with it.

2. Where the tool kit lives.

3. How to put the top back on, should you need to.

4. How to switch on the lights. To turn on the headlights, press the bottom button. To turn off, you will need to turn off the bottom and then the top in that order. The top button is for running lights and come on automatically when you turn on the headlights.

5. How to operate the internal cabin light. Rotate it so it points down.

6. How to inflate and deflate the lumbar support.

7. The brights are operated by pushing on the turn signal level. Pulling it flashes them on.

8. How to set the EQ on the stereo.

9. How to set and disable the immobilizer.
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By all means when opening the trunk/boot ALWAYS grasp the retaining rod (that holds the lid up) at the point where it clips into the the spring clip(this is on the right). Otherwise quite easy to bend the rod as I'm told has happened with some.
Jw. How do you check that the gas gauge is working when its sitting at the dealer?. Wouldn't you ahve to drive it for a while to see any noticable difference in the gas level?
Also- the 3M film that is supplied with all cars (that fits just in front of the rear wheels) was NOT installed by my dealer. It was included in the trunk. If you get Starshield, thye may use separate pieces.

Note: I called about this before picking up the car but the dealer checked the wrong car!
add to Randy's list:

10. Where the tire fix-a-flat spray can is. It's deep inside the trunk, mounted against an interior trunk wall.
Also add to Randy's list:
-Full details on locking / unlocking the doors, especially the
"unlocking" part which is important when riding with a
passenger. If the driver's door opens, the passenger also
needs to open his / hers within about a minute. Otherwise,
the pass. side locks and the owner's manual gets exercised
trying to figure out how to unlock it. Lots of fumbling with
key fob, etc. Best solution is just to have passenger open
their door before or @ same time as driver. Also, the "door
lock" button on the console ahead of the shift lever is not
just a simple "push to activate". Pushing to the right locks,
pushing to the left unlocks (or vice versa, I forgot).
-Spend a few minutes with the radio manual, especially the
LA model. Nothing is intuitive, and if you're heading out for
the first long drive home from the dealer, you'll need a
dedicated co-pilot just to figure out how to play CD's.
-Don't be surprised by an extremely vague shift linkage,
especially when brand new. Don't rush the shifts, especially
the downshifts.

And most important: look for some twisties --- the I-states are even more boring than usual in something like the Elise.
Still having fun,
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Once the source of NXM's wheel misfortune is ascertained, add appropriate "check wheel.....", with instructions on what/how to check.

Thank you,
How about checking the odometer and recording the mileage?
11. Make sure there is no Steering Wheel wobble above 80 mph. Mine had all wheels noticeably out of balance & my dealer said that this was 2 out of 2 delivered that he'd seen with wheels out of balance at the first inspection. BTW he also said Lotus doesn't cover wheel balancing; if this is true, best to check it when you receive the car.
Conejo said:
How about checking the odometer and recording the mileage?
I don't know about other states, but California requires an Odometer form as part of the sale. The dealer types in the odometer reading, you check it and sign the form.

13 miles, mine says.
Ok, I just went to check out my car that is being PDI. I found that there is a blemish on the starshield near the headlight, is kind of like bubble in size of a dime. Is this something that is normal and I should ignore it? I ask one of the manager in the dealership but he told me it is not on the paint so it is not a very big deal. Isn't the starshield suppose to be close to invisible and very smooth without any wave like pattern or bubbles?

Does anyone have similar problem on their starshield? And do we have 3 years warrenty on our starshields?
Make sure ( you probably have, but I have made this mistake) that it is not the Lotus logo that is embossed. is like in the middle of the starshield it seems like bubble under the starshield or blemish paint under the starshield.
The Lotus logos should not be in the middle.

Keep in mind that some slight bubbling can go away after the film is first applied.
Anyone know what's the warrenty policy on the starshield? Is there any writen paperwork regarding the warrenty on our car?
I got some kind of paper from starshiled about it, but I haven't read it yet. Ramsey told me to call him directly if I had problems...
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