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Preliminary Press Conference Information - Dec. 30, 2003
Lotus introduced the Elise to the US market with an introduction by Mark O'Shuaghnessy, Director of Sales & Marketing - Lotus Cars USA, followed by Roger Becker of Lotus Cars UK. In attendance from Hethel were Tony Schute and Nick Adams. In the Lotus booth were 5 - Elise; 2 with the Sport option (yellow & red cars), 2 with the optional hardtop and one with dealer installed driving lamps. Lotus announced that it would make 3 "Lifestyle" colors available - Chrome Orange, Graphite Grey and the "lime-like" Green.
Pricing was announced. The loss in value of the US dollar has made it difficult for Lotus to hold the pricing under $40,000.

Base car: $39,995
Touring package: $1,485
Hardtop: $1,485
Sport package: $2,495
The Sport package will include the 7 spoke forged wheels (lightest available - 1 inch wider fronts) with Yokohama 048 tires, adjustable dampers, springs with adjustable ride height, different sway bar. The softer Yokohama tires should improve 0-60 times by 0.2 seconds.
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