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The causer of all this project was this accident, immediately after that one I decided to repair and simultaneously to give him(her) little mas of vigor it, and go if it(he,she) has mas...

In the link of above(up) the photos of the accident are and these are a few photos of today in the same site(place) (one year later).

The car, during all this time it(he,she) has suffered many changes, it is possible to say that the car now is totally different, has less kg, mas promotes, mas stability and different aesthetics, these are the photos that I did to him(her) today in the place of the accident:

List of modifications realized till now:

Motor preparado VGKRacing
Admisión ITG Maxogen Carbon con toma de aire en el lateral
Escape Janspeed Elise 190
Supresor del Catalizador
Vaso de expansión KOMO-TEC

Suspension bilstein+eibach ( elise s2 160 )
Discos aligerados, ventilados, rayados y perforados eliseparts
Latiguillos metálicos
Pastillas pagid rs14

Acelerómetro Beltronics Vector FX2
Eliminado aislante del maletero
Eliminado de la calefacción y sus respectivos controles
Eliminado de posabrazos
Eliminado de radio + altavoces + antena + cableado
Eliminado de reposapies del copiloto
Eliminado de barras de seguridad laterales
Salpicadero de una pieza sin hueco para la radio
Manivelas de las puertas en fibra de carbono
Sustitución de botones por palancas metálicas en fondo de fibra de carbono ( en proceso )
Volante Sparco Snap-Off

Lotus B86 Racing Green
Difusor trasero prolongado
Alerón Elise 160/111s
Separadores del alerón ( elise 160 )
Cubrefaros delanteros
Front Splitter
Intermitencias delanteras transparentes
Eliminada antena y tapado su agujero

SJ Racing Wheels + Toyo proxes 888

I hope that you like, my Englishman is not very good :D

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We were just in Spain a couple of months ago, and did not see a single Lotus anywhere between Granada-Malaga, Rhonda, Seville, Corbova, Toledo and Madrid.

It is impossible to tell exactly but that picture looks like from the south (maybe near Rhonda or de la Fronteria...)
There are some fantastic roads there.

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In andalucia there is one exige s2, and in madrid there are two elise s2

I am of suances ( cantabria ), of the north part of españa, roads like that of the photo it is something habitual.

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car looks awesome!

2,731 Posts's funny how exotic series one cars look to my american eyes - very nice!..
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