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You guys may know the owner of this car. It belongs to Chris(streetraces) here in FL(Palm Bay). This car is absolutely INCREDIBLE! The car has a custom turbo kit built for it and is super powerful and as you all know is super lightweight! This car is tracked/auto-x'd quite often and actually just got back from one just before I detailed it as you can tell from the blue painters tape..haha! The car is so fast, the Targa flew off Fast and Furious style going over 120mph on the interstate and it SURVIVED!! :-o

Dawn Soap Pre-Wash
ONR diluted to clay lube
COBRA Deluxe "Jr" MF's
Dual Buckets with Grit Guards
3m "green" Masking Tape
Adams Professional Clay Bar
Meguairs APC+
Meguairs Hyperdressing
Menzerna SIP/Orange
Menzerna 106fa/White
UK 3M Ultrafina/ UK 3M Finishing Pad
91% Isopropyl Alcohol
Tons of (retired) Cobra Towels(AP)
Swissvax Pneu

Optimum Opti-Seal applied with Uber Foam Applicator
Two coats of Dodo Juice Supernatural Paste Wax applied with Uber Foam Applicator

Dual Work Lamps
Makita Hi Speed Rotary
World's Greatest Boar's Hair Wheel Brush
Foam Pad Cleaning Brush
DD Detail Sponge
The Wheel Well/Fender Brush
The Spoke Brush
Canon Rebel XTi
Craftsmen 295MPH Vac/Blow
E-Z Detail Wheel Brush
Swissvax Wheel Brush

BEFORE: Note. The wing was removed for polishing purposes.


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All the plastic trim and moldings were cleaned with Meguiars APC+ and a Swissvax Brush and then treated with 1Z Einszett Gummi Pflege Stift.

This is the only damage the Targa sustained from its flight at 120mph on the highway!

After being compounded and polished..

A couple test 50/50 shots, the best I could capture on the camera with this color.

All the plastic trim, painted edges and the clear bra were taped off to prevent any damage from the buffer..

The engine was also degreased and dressed with Meguairs APC+ and Hyperdressing..

The only hint that you get to watch out for this thing! :D
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