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I do a lot of work for a local shop here in tampa and I was called in to polish a set of exhaust pipes that came off a twin-turbo 350Z. He sold the exhaust to another member who owns a show car and wanted them polished before picking them up. I had no idea I would be able to get a finish like this out of them though!

Products Used:
-#0000 Steel wool by Hand
-Using Adams Metal Polish #1
-Lots of Cobra Jr. Deluxe MicroFiber Towels
-Meguairs G110 DA Machine with
-Lake Country White 5" Flat Pad
-Using Adams Metal Polish #2 at Speeds 4-5
-Sealed with two coats of Optimum Opti-Seal

This is one side before..

Now after side by side to show the difference.

Touched these up real quick as well..

Both sides finished in S&R Showroom.

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