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I need some help on pricing a very unusual Elise. The car is 2004 U.S. spec Elise. Yes, I know there weren't any '04 Elises sold in the U.S. This is one of the 5 pre-production Elises shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show in January 2004. This is the Magnetic Blue car.

The car does not have a title and is intended to be a track car only. It will be sold with a bill of sale. The VIN has an H in the 12th position meaning it was built by Lotus Sport and imported as a race car. The car has less than 12,000 miles. It was used as a daily driver by the Warranty Manager at Lotus Cars USA. It is a base car so it has roll up windows and cloth/leather seats. It has no carpeting other than the floor mats and no sound insulation. It also has smooth interior plastics (no graining). Of course, it also has standard suspension, wheels and tires.

So now the bad news. While being used by the Warranty Manager as a daily driver it ran over a landscape timber that fell off a truck. The lower control arms were bent. The holes in the bracket where the front shocks mount on the chassis were also stretched. All the suspension pieces have been replaced but the stretched holes in the brackets have not been addressed. The front clam also has damage on the lower edges.

So long story, what should I ask for this car? It runs well, has a Stage II exhaust and an Odessey 680 battery. Otherwise it's original.


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