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print ads?

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Perhaps I've just missed them or perhaps it's more commonplace elsewhere, but saw this ad in the local altweekly this week (which came out Wednesday):

It looked to be a 1/8 page ad, not too expensive, admittedly, but wasted money if they anticipated selling all they could get - unless Lotus has made it known that allocations will be based on preorders as of a certain date... hmmm.

Anyone else seeing print advertising/promotion (or hearing radio, for that matter) by individual dealers?
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ps. no affiliation with the dealership, blah blah blah, though I do have a 3-month old deposit there.
I have not seen any ads in Southern CA. Symbolic had an Elise at a British Car Club event today. That was sufficient enough for him to secure at least 6 deposits today.

I think advertisng will not be needed once the Road&Track issue becomes readily available at the news stand. The enthusiasts are going to come out of the woodwork. I think I read that half of the first years allocation is already spoken for with firm deposits. The R&T article will likely take care of the other half.

Now in a couple of years, after the initial pent up demand is met, ads will likely be more prolific. Remember this car is very narrowly focused. It will only appeal to a very select but discriminating palate....:D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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