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The best E46 M3 finally available. The last beautiful BMW model made.

This is my fiance’s car. She wanted a toy car and originally bought an SMG 2003. 6 repairs and a lemon-law later, we had a brand new, 6 speed. She drives it about once every 2 weeks. It spends so much time under cover our friends call it snuffleluffagous because it is her “imaginary friend!” They never see it. Most of the time she drives her 4runner.

2004 E46 M3 Black on Black Napa Leather VIN: WBSBL93464PN59965
- Only 8200 miles. 15% of the total miles were driving from San Jose, CA to Phoenix, AZ where we live.
- 6 speed manual
- Harmon Kardon Audio w/ CD
- 19” Dinan Forged wheels with new 275/35R19 front and 285/30R19 rear Bridgestones.
Yes, these wheels were $5,000 and very light at only 18 & 19lbs front and rear
- Xenon headlamps
- Sun roof
- Llumar Platinum Plus window film. Best film you can buy.
- BMW car cover. The blankie this car has spent 98% of its time under in the garage.

This car is her baby and how she satisfies both her OCD and motherhood impulses. Here’s how:

1. Always garaged. She wouldn’t move in unless I gave her 2 garage bays.
2. It has never seen rain. Ever. Only when she washes it does it get wet. Always a 2 bucket, hand wash.
3. It has never seen a car wash.
4. I bought her the whole Zaino Bros cleaning and waxing kit. She spent 3 days doing the whole car with 6 coats of the final wax. She’s done this twice.
5. Same on the interior using BMW certified cleaning products.
6. The underhood is factory new it is so clean. Q-tips, people.
7. She had the front bumper cover re-sprayed to fix a couple of rock chips and the rear bumper cover to fix a paint pin-hole defect. A pin-hole! She insisted on using this place about 20 miles from here that does all the Bentley/Porsche work.

We originally setup the car to do dual purpose auto-x and street but after 3 events she couldn’t bear the thought of the car maybe getting scratched.

The car is the best handling E46 M3 from the standpoint of being dual purpose. It is very compliant on the street yet neutral and tight road carving machine. The setup was designed by Bob Tunnell at BimmerHaus Performance. Answers to your questions
Bob’s 12 solo national championships speak for themselves. The car is a handling monster while being a wonderful car you can drive every day. There have never been any engine, ECU, intake, or exhaust mods. Only handling.

Suspension mods are:
- Double-adjustable Koni shocks
- 500lb H&R springs lowers about 1” front & rear.
- H&R front sway bar, stock rear
- Ground-control adjustable camber plates.
- Additionally has UUC short-shifter.

Only defects are a couple of rock chips on the front fender and a small 1” scratch on the front right rocker. Far, far cleaner than any clean BMW you’ve ever seen.

Anyway, I was getting sick of seeing the car not getting driven and finally convinced her to part with it.

She is asking $34,000. Given the mileage, options, suspension and wheels it is at the market. Given its mileage and condition, it is a singular car. If you think it is too expensive, don’t buy it. For the person that wants a time-capsule car with only the very best modifications, this is it.

If you are interested, please email [email protected]


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More pics


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Damn I need a bigger garage!
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