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Hi, Im a Professional Photographer/Cinematographer looking to build my
career in Automotive Photography. Im looking to find Lotus owners
that would be interested in having me shoot high quality photographs
of their vehicles for my portfolio.

You would get high quality pictures of your car (prints or digital
files), and I get photos for my portfolio. I have all my own Pro-gear.
Typically I need 1-3 hours, in 1 location. I can work around your
schedule. Please spread the word around, and if you or anyone
you know would like my service, please let me know.

Im am really only looking for newer 06/07/08 Elise Models in bright colors(orange/green/yellow/etc). If you have an older lotus you
would like photographed I charge a small fee for my time and equipment. I can only do the newer models for my portfolio free of cost.

I work between Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Washington DC

Please feel free to contact me with any interest. I will post some sample sheets below.


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