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Absolute power does what?
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Just posted this on the Chasecam forum but as I know you guys are bright/helpful (well some of you...) I thought I'd drop a note here. Maybe Randy will see this and lend a hand :)

A few weeks back I added a PDR100 and Chasecam setup to my Traqmate. I have a TraqData II module between the PDR100 and the Traqmate. I had no other inputs setup on the TraqData and everything worked just great.

Recently I added RPM, Oil Pressure (via Analog input 3) and Brake light (Digital 5). After making this change the PDR stopped working. It won't auto-turn on it and the only way to power it on is to pop out the Cat5 cable between it and the TraqData II which then powers it on. But it never records and I can't even get it to manually start.

I found another thread that mentioned the small switch that's just inside the battery door (mine is wired to switched 12v from the car). When I switched that to the other position the unit now auto-powers on with the car but the TraqMate still can't/doesn't control it.

I've done everything from remove all the inputs (RPM, Oil, Brake) and test - nada. I have TraqView setup for the Camera on output 4 but no matter what I set it just won't control it. I did at one point put the camera on D5 accidentally - but as that's where the brake light is plugged in nothing happened - until I pressed the brake. That turned on the PDR100 (as I saw the binary input from the brake light).
What am I missing here? Have an event in 2 weeks and really want to get this working for it - set my personal best last weekend but no video evidence of it :-(

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