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I wanted to give two thumbs up for Max and Tori at Lotus of Greenville. I demonstrated my capacity for stupidity this past weekend while working on the car, I had a "jacking incident" that resulted in me punching a hole and otherwise wreaking havoc on my diffuser. (It could have been a lot worse, only the diffuser was damaged. I'll post some pictures in another forum.)

I was preparing for my first HPDE this coming weekend and was in a bind. I called around to several dealers and sites, all of them told me it would be at least a week before they could help me. (Euroclassics here in Richmond has been great for me for a couple of service visits, they just didn't have the part.)

Max and Tori checked, said they showed a diffuser in inventory, then physically checked that they actually had it. Tori arranged to have it packed up and shipped to me, I received it two days later in perfect condition and the shipping they charged me was no more than what it would have cost me to ship myself. A fantastic experience overall, I would definitely recommend them and plan to stop at the dealership when I pass through that way.

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