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Prototype Elise 1/4 mile video

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Inflated hp numbers or not, that is one fast time. ;)
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K20a vs nitrous powered Supra, not too shabby at all. I couldn't tell if it made up time middle and late in the run, but it looked like he didn't have as good a launch.
I know the person involved. Other than having a rubbish start he was also on road tyres. His best of the day was a 12.21 @ 112mph.
yeah, his start was lagging a bit. What's the HP and the weight of the Elise?
About the same as mine - 223hp and around 750kg
About the same as mine - 223hp and around 750kg
damn! that's crazy! 30 more HP and 100 kg lighter than 111R/Fed Elise.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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