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As the title states, I moved recently and I thought that the ramp going down to the garage was flatter than I thought...sort of.

It turns out that the ramp going down flattens out in the middle about a foot and goes back down again. I did not see the portion of the ramp that flattens out in the middle and started making a turn for what I thought was a continuous ramp. That's when I heard the loudest scrape and pop I've ever heard. At this point I must have soiled myself. I readjust the car and navigate past this new found obstacle, head to my new parking spot and check my front clam. Surprisingly, it was in good shape but something was missing. My clam protectors popped off. I ran back to the ramp and grabbed my protectors and walked back to my car, deeply ashamed of myself. I have failed hard.

Thank you SirLotus! You've certainly saved me some money on what could have been a really bad repair.

I'll be heading to a bodyshop soon to get a closer look at the clam. Hopefully everything is ok.
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