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While Marcus Freudhofer, PUK Engineering, is maybe a class guy, his professionalism and promptness do not match.

My first order, commmon instock K&N filters for an Esprit, took three weeks to arrive air mail!!

Second, and last order, was for un upgraded ECU. I got him to provide a turnaround quote prior to me disabling my vehicle and sending the ECM to Germany. He said 1 to 2 day turn around with air mail return. So, I disconnected my ECM on a Sunday, shipped it air mail on Monday and it arrived at his shop on Wednesday morning, confirmed by tracking code.
A week went by, waited until next Wednesday and he finally responded to my third email tersely with no sense of urgency, even though he had my part in his hands for seven days, going on eight. He said every was fine, no problems, I'll send you a tracking number when it's ready to go. Go? It should have already went 6 or 5 days before and he was not all apologetic and did not bother to explain the reason for the hold up. I sent another email explaining I paid a large premium to get the ECU delivered to Germany second day air to avoid having my car sit idle longer and then I requested an exact shipping departure. That was three days ago and I've not heard anything.*

Now he may be a grand guy; but his focus on running an efficient, customer service business is sorely lacking. No way would I risk another Euro or part with this guy. It's a crap shoot.
You might win, by actually getting what you paid for; or you loose by getting way less.

His prices are also very high, especially considering the non customer service; can't even get him to talk to you, or if you luck out and do reach him, expect vague descriptions of progress, no apologies, encouragement, and no prediction of future expectations.

Sorely disappointed ... Use JAE or other state-side vendors.
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