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Putnam Park Track Day Pics?

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Does anyone have or know of a link to pictures of the St. Louis Lotus Lovers sponsored track day at Putnam Park this past week, June 21. Thanks...
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My father was at the race in a '93 Black Esprit. It was his first track experience. I thought it would be nice to hunt and send him some pics. He is not that internet savy.


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Tell your dad I'm sending him some photos. Unfortunately none of he and your mom crusing Putnam Park.

I know he will appreciate that. He said he got to ride with one of the instructors in an Elise. He did not know what moddle or year, but I am sure it was a prack only version. He said it was pretty impressive. We will both be at LOG 24, so I look forward to meeting you then.

I saw a link to some pics on Roadfly the other day, but I could not get the page to open...
That was Jeff Plummer's Sport 190 Elise. Jeff is one of the smoothest drivers I've ever seen. He's a great instructor as well. That's why it's nice having him in Lotus Ltd. and living near us in the Midwest.

what color is that Exige? That's a sweet color!
There was a black Exige. The blue car is actually an Elise Motorsports car. Something like 1,450 pounds with about 205HP.
I believe that's the car they race in the UK series.

They still have a black one left for sale at Lotus Cars USA in Atlanta. Call Clyde after he's back from his honeymoon in mid-July. Only $75,000. :)

My buddy was there with his supercharged S2000 and he said the black Exige and the Motorsport car weren't being driven very well as he was passing them easily.

I wonder if they had problems?

He can't keep up with me normally.....

Harry's a great driver. The Exige was being driven for the second time on the track by a novice and the Motorsports Elise was, well being driven carefully. Had the woner let one of his sons in the Motorsports car, it would have been more fun to watch.

Harry's a good driver and a great guy. I've known him since early 2000 (just after the launch of the S2000).

He's faster on tracks like Road America (340hp helps), but on tracks like Mid-Ohio, Gingerman, Grattan, etc he can't quite keep up with my "urine sample" British car as he calls it.

There's a Nord Stern Porsche event at Road America July 12-13. Any chance you'll be there? I've got my registration and am still trying to find a trailer to roll up there with. Seems U-Haul has caught on to my idea of renting a trailer from them for a non-one way trip.

It would be great fun to see an Exige on full boil at RA.

Mark Pfeffer
Can't do the weekday events - I'm out of vacation time.

My car is also stuck on stands until I get some damper issues sorted.

While I love to spectate at RA - driving it is a different story. I'm not that big of a fan of it, especially in the Exige (getting passed at 170 by the Vipers/Vettes when I'm going 130 is kind of scary).
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