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Too many variables... but there are some general "rules" and practise to make things a bit more consistent.

1) Clean track is better, as no dust, oil, water. But, green is slower (green as in "clean" from rain)

2) Some track temp is needed, but the exact ideal temp is dependent upon the tire, suspension. However track temp is not the same as ambient since clouds, time of day, wind, etc

3) I think it's more important to get heat into the tires progressively. Going out and immediately running hard will generate heat in the tread surface, but it takes a few laps to heat the entire tire and the air. Manage your cold air pressures accordingly. Do some experimenting first determine what hot pressures you like and tire temps work best (pyrometer). You can do this by pitting have a good lap and checking. Next put together a consistent routine coming out cold warming up the tires. Again check after 2 laps, then 4, then 6, etc and see how much heat you've put into the tires and change in PSI. Having 2 people around will help when you dive into the pits - 1 to measure pressures and another to take tire temps.

Hopefully the testing/research you'll get an understanding of:
A) What the "ideal" is for you on that day
B) What the optimal cold setting are on that day
C) How many laps are needed to go from cold to "ideal"

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