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Hey Guys,
I recently fabricated up a nice cat back for my 06 Elise and figured I would put out a feeler and see if there is enough interest to mass produce it and some variations of it.
I run a machining, fab and powder coating shop in Carson City NV and we are more than capable fabricating or machining most anything. I'm working on some other products also and will post them soon.
Here is a mock up of what I came up with:

All stainless, tig welded construction with 2.5" mandrel tubing and a 3.5" chrome tip. I can change up tip size as well as muffler sizing depending on how loud one wants.
I could also offer ceramic coating for these to avoid that pesky heat wrap.
Not shown in this pic is a CNC aluminum trim ring that will go around the tip on the factory mesh if desired for that super clean/finished look.

The sound is great! it has nice throaty note but it isn't obnoxious.
I will post a sound video of it asap.
Installation is a snap as it uses the factory hangers and hanger location.

Let me know your thoughts! Constructive criticism is appreciated.

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Seems good so far. Add some pics of the assembly when removed from the car and add that sound video you speak of. Personally, I am looking for something with a little more sound than the factory but not a track exhaust that alerts the neighbors of my whereabouts from 2 counties away.
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