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Hello everyone! Not trying to hijack a thread but just providing information. I just picked up my SY Elise from a local body shop which does work on all my cars. I had the interior center console painted to match body color and the lower portion of the car (left and right) where star shield is normally installed for $600.00 for the entire job.

The shop is a small locally owned shop and the owner is generally 60% less than the big body shops.

My wife and I were traveling this week and put our cars in for paint work. We fixed the following:

Center console painted body color (they R&R)
lower body panels chip repair and repaint

Front bumper repaint / clear coat
Front bumper chips/gouges repaired

Scion Xb
Dent in hood repaired
Dent in fender repaired
Repaint / Clear coated

Front bumper cover crack when hitting chunk of ice this past winter
Front bumper cover repaired, repainted, clear coated.

Total for all 4 cars $1,900.00 for repairs.

I got quotes from two other large specialty body shops which quoted $1,800.00 just to fix rock chips, and repaint the Elise!

This guy has worked on my Corvette and other cars. His prices are rock bottom and the turnaround is generally two to three days. Cash only and a handshake!

I'm in Madison, Wisconsin and the body shop is just outside of town. If there are anyone interested please PM me or send to [email protected]. I'm a customer just trying to pass along a good resource. I have no interest in the business.

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