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Question about wheel sizes and tire sizes...

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Ok I still haven't done all my research on wheel and tire sizes. Im looking at tires for both base elise sized wheels and ones that are the exige sizes since they fit on the elise as well. I know that wheels have the 3 dimensions. Wider is better I know.. and im fine with that because of the extra contact and grip. but the only things i dont like.... and i might take some slack from this... but i just dont like the wheel/tire combination that shows just sooooo much tire and gives the look of having something like 13" wheels. The stock look works fine for me. Soooooooo... considering that I have made the choice of R888's. What are the sizes for the 5.5x16 fronts (base elise) and the exige sized wheels ( i dont know the size of the top of my head but i know that many do)...?
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The base size is 175/55R16 and the Sport package has a 195/50R16. As far as I know Yok is the only company that makes a 175/55R16 (and I don't know why the would.) The 195/50R16 will fit on the 16X5.5 rim and work very well. The recommended rim width range for the 195/50R16 is 5.5 to 7.0.
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