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1988 Esprit Turbo
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Factory oil spec is 20W-50. With a synthetic it's OK to have a "lower" first number.

The Esprit's engine has generous clearances. That's why you need the 50 weight protection.

Unless you keep it outside :eek: and start it in sub-zero (F.) temps, you will be OK with 15W-50. Make sure it has enough ZDDP to protect the flat-tappets. (SM 0r SN oils might benefit from a ZDDP additive)

The synthetic oil minimizes the chance of coking in a hot turbo. :bow:

Lotus spec's 6000 mile oil changes on regular mineral ("dino") oil. Are you going to do more miles than that a year? If not just change it once a year preferably before you "put it to sleep" for a winter's rest.


When you are changing fluids, don't forget the clutch or cooling system. Don't add anything but Dex-Cool if that is what you have in your cooling system (factory fill from the GM era). That stuff doesn't play well with other types.:mad:


Lastly, don't forget to replace the blinker fluid.

I use ONLY the finest synthetic BF! Yearly, you need to flush it through your system by actuating the hazard flasher switch at least 12 times.

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