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Questions about raising the driver's seat, please discuss.

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First of all, yes, I've searched, read all the threads, and still have questions/would like to have a discussion. This thread is about keeping the stock seat, but raising and raking it.

For starters, let's assume that someone wants to raise the seat an inch, front and back. What would be the safest/strongest way to do this?

- With (4) 1" square (hollow or solid) blocks at each corner?
- With (2) 1" tubes running side to side (one for the front, and one for the rear).
- With (2) 1" tubes running front to back? (like the Sand Museum)

Secondly, let's assume that someone wants some rake to the seat, so they want to raise the front of the seat 1.5", and the rear 1". This presents some problems, as the seat rails will now be at an angle, yet the bolt-head/bolt will be straight. Example 2 illustrates this:

Example 3 shows how you could solve this problem by raking the spacers to the correct angle and using 2 sets of bolts instead of one long one, which would probably be stronger as well.

I temporarily have (4) 1" steel tubes filled with tight-fitting nylon spacers and longer bolts. This is what the tubes/spacers look like by themselves:

This is what they look like on the car. Incidentally, this same tube/spacer combo worked perfect for the shifter mod, which you can see in the pic as well:

As I said, my current set-up is temporary, and I'm not entirely happy with it as I feel it to be unsafe for racing, and it has no more rake. Beyond that, the nylon spacers are just a tad bigger than the seat bolt that goes through them.

Any thoughts you may have on how to do this properly would be appreciated.