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Questions to those who got the car without Strarshield?

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My car got delivered without the Starshield. I am worried that if I drive the car home and put a few hundred miles on it before the dealer is able to install the film, I will already have paint chips on it.

Can anynone who has been driving the car without Sartshield tell me about their experience? Should I wait a few more days (maybe weeks) for the dealer to install the starshield before I pick the car up. Or should I pick the car up and come back in a few weeks when they have the film and an installer available?
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You can drive the car and have the film applied at your convenience. It takes about 3 hours of labor. If you did get a chip beforehand, it can be repaired quite easily if touchup paint is available. There are detailing methods whereby the chip is repaired with a bit of paint which is then higher than the surrounding area. Then this is leveled off after it's dry so that the repair is near perfect and level with the surrounding paint. The 3M film would lie flat, no question. You can do the 'langka" type approach yourself in a few minutes. I've done it on BMWs and it works fine. You don't even have to buy their stuff.
I have 1200 miles, no protection, and not one single chip so far
700 Miles-NO CHIPS! Any dirt I pick up is located around the door sills. I believe that having protection around the extreme lower portion of the car is all you may ever need. I'll pass on it though.
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