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Got my car back from R3 last week and it is like a whole new car ! Allen and Stephan are a phenomenal team,and the shop is awesome. I have never seen so many Lotus race cars in one place and it is nice that your car is stored in a secure hidden compound. I had the 27,500 mile service, new rear tires (yes they sell and mount tires there), customized hand adjusted alignment tailored to my current driving needs, and The S111 R2D2 Brace installed. The car is driving like it is on rails, they did a spectacular job, it is pretty cool to have basically a Lotus engineering/ pit crew working on my car!

My rear tires were the first set of non-slick tires they had installed in quite a while, they do a lot of race prep and design work. Some amazing Ferraris and Formula Renault cars in there as well.

Anyway I am really happy to have a kick ass shop I can go to again !

3 thumbs up for R 3 :up::up::up:
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