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I´m having trouble with my car (Exige NA) blowing the R6 fuse. I have managed to narrow this down a bit.

The common factor for blowing the fuse is water. It goes while raining. So, for normal driving it turns out that I am fine.

I have checked and the R6 is connected to (Circut diagrams at the bottom of this post):
VSV (ACIS) AIRBOX - This is Idle Control System?
VSV (PURGE VALVE) - What is this and where is it placed?
Alternator Ignition Current

Trial and error has shown that "creating rain" over the right side of the engine will give conditions where the fuse could blow.

It has also shown that ideling will nog blow it.

So, driving (gently..) with the right side of the engine wet creates conditions where the fuse can blow.

Is it possible for the alternator to blow this fuse thru the Ignition current?
If it is a plug that is leaking causing the fuse to blow, what is the easiest way of spoting this?
Is there anything else than a leak causing a short in a plug to look for?

On the right side I think I can find VVT, Alternator, VSV (Canister Vent Close Valve). Anything else?

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