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Racepack G2X Data acquisition system

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Racepack G2X Data acquisition system
This unit will record your every position on the track as well as your speed. It will also record RPM, lat Gs, Lon Gs . It also has the capability to record any other parameter (oil, water, cht,egt,af) with optional sensors. The display has several parameters that can be displayed real time while you are in the car including lap times. It also has progressive shift lights. The display is very bright and can be read in full day light.
Included are the extra cables for 3 cars. You can hard wire into 2 cars and temporally put it in someone else car to collect their data to overlay with yours. A very helpful option.
Data acquisition can help any driver get faster no matter the experience level. So from the track day novice to the pro driver all can benefit.
This unit and all the extras was over $1200 new.
1 data unit
1 dash display
3 power cords
1 cigarette lighter power adaptor
2 hard wire power and tach cords
2 GPS antennas
1 MSD coil pick up.
1 128M data card

$700 + shipping


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