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Racer X Elise in the Rental Car Rally

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OK ladies and gents... Rental Car Rally starts at 9 PM Pacific tonight, and my Lotus Elise is entered as Team Rex (Racer X).

I (Racer X) and my co-driver (Trixie) will be making the mad 1-day dash from San Francisco to Yuma, and hope you guys can follow us and cheer us on. We will be updating our status from our iPhone.

Our team's updates will be published here:
Racer X (Team_Rex) on Twitter

You can follow the whole rally in a group account here:
RCR (RCRSF2Yuma) on Twitter

Our itinerary is as follows:
Friday - saturday - ~700 miles from SF to Yuma. Route is still unknown as we get our checkpoint list at the start location. Rally ends on Saturday
Sunday - 350 miles from Yuma to Las Vegas via Hoover Dam. Any Vegasites want to meet up?
Monday - ~600 miles from Las Vegas back to Sacramento, this time via main roads.

If anyone wants to come see us off in San Francisco tonight, we gather at 8 PM in the western most parking lot of Golden Gate Park, across from Chalet, right on the beach.

Here is a sneak peek of our car. We will put all our pics / videos in this thread after the Rally is over this weekend.

Cheers, and wish us luck!
Team REX

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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