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Hey Everyone

Synaptic 3 Engineering will be running a mid week special on racing consumables.
If you need brake pads, rotors, fluid, lines or clutches, PM me.

For pads we carry Hawk Performance and Cobalt Racing Brakes.

For rotors, we carry dba brake rotors.
If you are not familiar with the dba rotors, please visit the dba website. DBAUSA - PERFORMANCE DISC BRAKE ROTORS
They offer an innovative Kangaroo PAW pattern for venting that departs from the traditional straight vane pattern. This will allow your brakes to do their job better than the traditional straight vane, and can also help prevent wheel bearing failure do to excessive heat.

Fluids: Motul Fluids : Synaptic 3, Motorsports Fabrication Specialists - Shopping Cart

Lines: Stainless coated DOT approved for brakes and clutches.

For clutches we carry ACT, Exeddy, and RPS.

Please PM me for special consumables package pricing!!!

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in our Endura Tech Coil-Over Sale!!!!

Charlie V

Synaptic 3 Engineering
16 Deer Run Road
Candia, NH 03034
p 603-244-4631
f 603-244-4632
e [email protected]
Synaptic3 Main Page
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