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with suits - you get what you pay for. no one manufacturer has anything super better than another for ~800 bux. they are all 'reasonably similar"

i got a sparco superleggera for ~1,000 2 year old on sale. deals can be found - cruise the typical online retailers like UPR, saferacer, og racing, etc.. even sparco USA discount suits direct. so look there too.

2 or 3 layer doesn't matter - its the fire rating and material - get SFI and FIA certified.

if you have never tried on a "cheaper" suit - you should and think about how life is going to be in that... (driving around, in the heat, and sun, wrapped up in a sleeping bag)

agree - get fire retardant undies too - OMP and sparco make some really comfy stuff. i have the super light black oakley ones - they are fine. the balaclava is very important. get a nice one. (i have a sparco) - i tried the oakley black one and socks too - both were very uncomfortable (itchy scratchy).

generally 100% cotton thread is fine for sewing patches. (not nylon)
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