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radiator leak, clam off, oil line recall

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I recently took my car out of winter storage, and upon starting it up, antifreeze poured out of the radiator. I took the front clam off since I am about 3 hours away from any dealer. While the clam is off I want to do the oil line recall myself if possible. Is the only line that is being replaced the one that goes from the oil cooler across the nose to the oil cooler bypass on the passenger side or do all of the lines back to the engine need to be replaced?
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It is the crimps on the fittings that need to be addressed. All 6 of the fittings. You can reuse the actual lines with push lock bsp fittings if you like. You need oetiker clamps and big barb style fittings from bat.

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Or you could just get rid of the stock oil coolers and go with a Laminova setup. You'll save nearly 30 pounds and get more consistent oil temps.

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