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I drove my Elise in an autocross with a self imposed 4000 RPM limit, very tight, bumpy course, LTS suspension and tires set at the stock pressure. Near 600 miles on it.

The car did well and is a "slalom king". Boy can it do slaloms and probably Chicago boxes. The course had no straightaways on this small lot. I came in ahead of a ZO6 on Kumhos and a few hundedths behind an RX7 TT also on Kumhos.

The car handles wonderfully! Wish I could have revved it more! No real vices to speak of, amazing brakes and great traction on bumpy surfaces.

But it seems to me that a SS rating may make the car very course dependent. Tight, lots of transitions and narrow gates, cornering all the time with few foot to the floor moments = Lotus time. Lots of power down sections and a few straights here and there and I wonder if the ZO6 will overpower it.

Although an Elise has been timed as fast as 4.4 0-60, that was with an 8000 RPM launch. I'm sure it's not that fast with a more normal launch. Whereas the Vette can light 'em up at will out of nearly any corner and you often can't floor one in an autocross if things are tight.

The Elise might be a hard car to classify. In two years there won't be any more new ones and the replacement Elise may be quite different in character. Then again the upcoming ZO6 with a 500 + HP big block and other stuff likely won't run in SS. ASP maybe?

BTW how did the AS vette guy do? He wasn't holding back was that the Elise could wind up in a different class was he? (J/K).
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