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For those who have or are interested in Toyo T1Rs, I just checked the wear rate of the set mounted on my Exige and am reporting the results.

I have OEM sizes mounted on 16 and 17 inch Lotus wheels. The tires have about 8,000 miles of use (about 1/3 on freeways and 2/3 on streets, canyon and back roads, etc.).

Using a digital calpier, I measured tread depth on the outer and inner edges of each tires.

The front tires start life with 11/32 tread depth and the rears at 10/32 tread depth (per Toyo specs).

At 8,000 miles, the wear rate of my tires is about 45% of tread so far. That indicates a street life of about 18,000 miles....given factors that affect tread life on my car.

Of course, mileage results may vary from car to car depending on alignment, suspension set-up, roadway conditions, driving style, etc.

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