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Re:vision Introduction

Revision Auto is DC's premier auto body, paint and mechanical facility. Serving the metro area and most of the east coast for over ten years, Revision has helped countless customers bring their cars to the next level. Our small team of highly skilled profssionals easily outperforms the competition with simple, do it right the first time procedures and an uncompromisingly high quality standard. When we repair or modify a vehicle, we communicate with you to make sure that what you get is exactly what you expect. We are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. When you need quality work done and a dealership or insurance recommended shop won't cut it, come to us!

We have extensive experience in higher end vehicles including Lotus' and Lamborghinis, and are also currently in the process of becoming a Certified Lotus Repair Center. In our personal time we all love cars and participate in NASA events.

Services we offer:
All Insurance Claims
Urethane Refinishing
Insurance Referred Shop Do-Overs
Fiberglass (FRP) Repair
Carbon Fiber (CFRP) Parts
Auto Style/Life Style Online Store
Custom Paint Jobs
Wide Body Sales & Installations
Custom Wheel Fitment
Wheel Repair and Paint
Custom Fabrication
Import and Domestic Restorations
Roll Cages and Weight Reduction
Mount and Balance/Alignment
All Mechanical Work etc..

A recognizable Lotus we worked on was "PixieLuv's" Matte Black and Pink Exige: We repaired some damage, painted the interior, exterior as well as installing exhaust and many other things for her.

Here's a quick look at some other unique cars we've worked on as well as our current RX8 racecar.


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Welcome... I like the work on the black Exige :D What other Lotus projects do you have?
I'll see if I can find some old pics, we got some of a seven we rebuilt nicely. We had lost most of all of our photos pre 2008 : ( Although I still have some old Polaroid's of a Élan and bond style Esprit we did back in the 80s
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