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Re-wire blinkers & brake lights

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I read in another thread that the amber center light on the outer rear tail lights is not used for the blinker or anything. The outer half of the red circles are the blinkers.

Anyone working a amber center bulb blinker conversion? Could you just swap the wires around? How about switching the red blinker lights into all BRAKE lights since this car can out brake just about anything. Seems like a good idea to me.
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Correction - the inner half of the outer circles is the turn signal.

If you can find a replacement socket for the backup lights, that same socket will fit the amber lense area and can then be used for that purpose.
If my LSS car ever arrives, I'll be on this one immed., and I'll be sure to post some pics.

I plan to use the full outer circle for parking lights, the full inner circle for brakes, the backup lights as standard, and the ambers for turn signals.

I'll let ya'll know.

lite changes

definately post on those changes i would like to do the same when i get my car:cool:
Hey Motorcade, did you ever do the tail light mod?
hold tight.... another week and ill have some cool taillight pics to post...
rob13572468 said:
hold tight.... another week and ill have some cool taillight pics to post...
Pics yet?
It's been more than "another week," we're waiting with breathless anticipation here!
I know someone that had an older model Esprit and converted the back bumper to the new V8 model one that uses the Elises taillights, so it is possible..

They got the european taillights from SJS Sportcars in the Uk. Check out their site, it lists almost every single part for the car! I think they are around $175 each, and they had a company in California make up a wiring harness for about $250. I believe the connectors only cost $30 for the parts, the main charge was since it was a one off specailly made harness.

Our cars might only need 2 taillights, since the ones with the reverse lights already have the holes in them, or I believe if you are careful, you can drill a hole in the middle of the other taillights and maybe fit a bulb in there.

Wasnt or or whatever that company is called making a hella conversion for the rear lights?
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