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Real Happy with New Dealer & Short List

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I just wanted to mention in this section my post:

I had a deposit in with SVAG and was "around 100" and should get a car "in a year". Well I didn't buy that hunted around for a new dealer and got on a short list with and my order is in on the second batch. I think you can still get in on the third batch. See my post above, talk to Austin and tell him I sent you.
mark mitchell
PS. I'm not affiliated with the dealer, not getting anything out of this, just want to let people know about my positive experience.
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I just called and spoke with Austin,

He was offering a delivery of October or November of this year for a premium of $2500, or a delivery date of early 2005 for MSRP.

I'll think stick with my SVAG deposit, thanks.

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