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Reality of new elise for 2007?

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Unfortunately, my personal financial reality is indicating that I won't be able to buy an elise until 2006, which means a model 2007 car. Now we all know that the current US exemptions will expire for the year 2006 model year and we have heard the annoucements that Lotus is planning 3 new models including a replacement for the current model elise in 2007. I don't think I'm alone in prefering the current model to what is likely to follow. So my question is this: Given Lotus's track record , (figuratively not literally) what are the odds that we will actually see a new elise for the model year 2007, or is it more likely that they will attempt to extend the exemption for an additional year or two?

I know which of those options I'M hoping for....:(
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More realistically you should be able to find a low mileage used '05/'06 Elise for reasonable money in two and a half years.
I don't think global sales of the current Elise are doing that great, based on what I've heard (like 1-2 month wait!). Therefore, a new Elise is needed to revitalize sales globally. That Elise will certainly be designed to meet US regulations. Some may say that ok, Lotus introduces a new model worldwide, but continues to sell the old one here for another year or two, right? That could work, except I doubt they'd receive an extension to their waivers if/when they're shown to have already invested the time and money in revising the car to meet US standards. They likely won't be allowed to sell an older, non-compliant model here if there is a fully compliant replacement model available.
Well I don't doubt that should a new model be released, the old model would be shelved. I just questioned whether it would be realistic to see a new elise for the 2007 model year (2006). Of course, I really have no idea what the limits of Lotus engineering resources are and how long they've been working on the new model, but given the facts that a) they are supposedly working on 3 new models concurrently and b) Lotus has a less than stellar track record for delivering on time that there is a least a smalll possibillity that they will not have have fully designed and retooled for a new model by 2006.
Maybe its just wishful thinking on my part, but I think that the exemption elises will be VERY desirable after the new model comes out. I think our 2005 elises will hold value if not appreciate in value or desirability. But then again, maybe I'm just a nutter. :huh:
OFL, I share your believe that the exempt models will be more valuable and that's part of what keeps me hoping that they'll delay introduction of the new model beyond 2006. It would be bad for me if the new model is launched on schedule. It would be even worse if the value of the exempt cars makes it near impossible to pick one up used. Granted I'm just thinking of my own situaltion here, but hey.
in most of 2006 you will be buying a 2006 model

the 2007's likely won't begin production until September 2007.
atyclb said:
in most of 2006 you will be buying a 2006 model

the 2007's likely won't begin production until September 2007. which case those cars can only be 2008 models in the US. The gummint sez that the model year is determined by the first January 1 that the car is available for sale. (This is what determines which regulation apply.)

A car that starts production after 1 January 2007 will be a 2008 model year.

oops, yes

2007's will begin production in September 2006
From a long term view to collectors the 2005 Elise will be the one to own. The first year Esprit is worth much more than the second. The first year XKE is worth more than the second. We are certainly many years from "collector value" being of any significance. I think for a decade at least the 2005 Elise will be looked on as just an older used car than a 2006 Elise.

My own feeling is If I don't get a 2005 due to Lotus schedules,allocations and screw ups they lost me as a buyer.



What's up guys. New to the forum here. this site and i gotta say are two of the best i've come across. Lotta cool posts. My question is what are the other two models coming out? Would it be the exige and the m250 type?
Welcome xm and thanks.

I would not be surprised to see the Exige coming over, but I don't think that counts as one of the new models.

We have heard talk about a supercar beater, sort of an Esprit replacement. And we have heard rumors of a 2+2 model.
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