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I'm in need of a new rear clam for my 2009 Federal Elise. :shrug:
What are my options?

Are the Euro/Fed clams interchangeable? How about the differences between pre 7.5MY and 7.5MY+?

I've been quoted $8200 for the 7.5MY+ Federal (H121B0009K) rear clam from Lotus Garage. They do have another rear clam on their site, going for $3500, however it seems this is the pre 7.5MY Euro one (G120B0016J).

On another site I found the following prices;

H121B0009K – Federal 7.5MY+: £3,617.62

F121B0009K – Federal: £3,475.28

J120B0016J – Euro 7.5MY+: £2,574.61

G120B0016J – Euro £1,414.14

Edit: The price difference ofcourse is shipping from the UK to US. The quoted list is from a UK based dealer.

Have any of you tried the Spec Rear Clam from Sector111? How does it compare? It's going for $1500 - so either it's crap, or the fitting is a nightmare - right? :)

Thanks a million for your feedback and help!
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