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Hi guys,

Just a word of caution based on my recent experience here in the UK.
Either one or three of my rear tail clusters had been replaced by a previous owner since 3 are made from plastic, and 1 is aluminium.

The aluminium one is severely corroded and white powder has accumulated in the light itself which is clearly visible at night with the lights on. It looks like the light is partially filled with water from a distance. The corrosion had also caused the plastic to split.

So I just purchased one of these assuming it would be plastic, but it is the same aluminium part! :facepalm:
Elise Parts - Lighting - Exterior lighting - S2 Elise Rear Lamp Unit

Does anyone know when the parts were changed from aluminium to plastic?
The "new" one has a date of August 2006 stamped on it so they clearly have old stock!

Worth checking before you buy from anywhere!
I might be forced to lacquer this "new" one to stop the same thing happening.

[Edit] Having had a further look, it actually appears both 'types' of cluster are made of aluminium, but the new one has a very thin layer of brown lacquer. The 'good' ones have been coated properly and so look gloss black as a result. On first glance they look plastic.
I've asked EliseParts if they will replace, who are asking Lotus... stay tuned!
Here's a link to a picture of the faulty cluster:

So Lotus got back and said there was nothing they could do except raise with customer service. So I decided to spray the cluster properly and suggest you do the same. Dismantle, rub down with 600 wet or dry, mask off, 3 coats of acrylic primer, 4 coats of acrylic top coat, reassemble.
I've offered to supply the old one to Lotus but not sure it'll do much good.

Painted cluster:

'Good' cluster:

Corroded cluster:
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