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perryeyges said:
Rotate the mirror down and pop the mirror pivot ball out of its socket. Slip a small flat screwdriver under the pivot ball bezel and lift to remove the bezel. To remove the pivot ball pull the top clip toward the rear of the car and slide the pivot ball down toward the dash.
Now I am at a stopping point since I don't know if prying the mirror attaching plate off of the windshield will crack it... I tried to slip a razor blade under it to delaminate it from the windshield but it was too closely attached..
Any help would be appreciated...
I bought an Audi TT mirror to install but would like to install it in the very same location. :D
Don't try to yank the attaching plate off the windshield, You'll rip a chunk of glass on the inside and probably crack the windshield, the windshield glass is really thin and light.
Don't ask how I know about that!:mad:
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