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Red leather wear

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Do you suppose the red leather will be harder to maintain and keep lookng fresh over time vs. the black? The red leather at the show was rich looking and it would be nice to keep it that way.

Still can't decide on color!!
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If you keep it out of the sun when you're not in it, and clean and condition it every 4 months, it should stay beautiful. I know a guy who had a Ferrari Mondial convertible ('88 I think) with red leather, and when I saw it last year it looked rich and nice. The thing that concerns me about the Lotus leather is the perforations- they would seem to collect all kinds of small dirt particles and such.
I would highly recommend buying one of the shower cap covers which just covers top and glass area, first thing I'm getting for my car. Easy to put on when parked.

I've had no problem maintaining leather in like new condition. The door driver side bolster (as on the esprit) is the one spot where you'll get wear, the cloth inerts should hold up better there. Also, using something like Lexol from time to time keeps the leather supple.

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